Through the Rough Times

images-1My husband and I were just 20 years old when we got married and we had loads of growing up to do.  Our lessons were not always easy.  Sometimes, it took a great deal of pain to motivate us into making healthy changes.

One span of time was so difficult that I thought it was the end of our marriage.  It was a period of deep grief for me because I didn’t want to separate from the man I loved so much.  However, I felt that I had to do so, as we were sliding downhill.

Fortunately, before we called it quits, we sought professional help and the help of support groups.  This required humility and willingness to learn and follow a better way to live and communicate with each other.  Above all, we sought and received what we needed from the God of our understanding.  It wasn’t a quick fix.  It took time and dedication and perseverance.  It was worth all that we put into it and I’d do it all again without hesitation.

Today we are living in the “happily ever after.”  Our house is full of laughter and true intimacy.   It’s natural for us to look into each other’s eyes and say, “I love being married to you.”

Before I give up on our marriage, I will seek help.  

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