The Joys of Affection

I see friends shaking hands saying, “how do you do.”  


They’re really saying, “I love you.” . . .

And I think to myself, “what a wonderful world.”

Louis Armstrong

With my spouse beside me I doze off and on as comfortably as I can in the cramped space of my airplane seat.  In one of my waking moments, I glance at the couple in front of us and the one in front of them.  I smile as I see that each of the women rests her head on her mate’s shoulder.  And, I feel warmth spread through my heart, just as I do when I see any couple holding hands as they walk together or smile deliciously into each other’s eyes.  So, maybe I’m a hopeless romantic.  No apologies; the rewards are delightful.

Some people get outraged over public displays of affection, or PDA’s as they are not so affectionately called. I don’t. I relish them — as long as they’re not obscene or just for show.  Glimpses of sincere loving exchanges between any two people, romantic or platonic or between parent and child, are all signs of love.  How could that be anything but joyful?

I reach for my spouse’s hand.  He looks at me and warms me from head to toe with his all-encompassing smile.  Life is good, isn’t it?

May I continue to give and receive affection until the end of my days.


Written May 25, 2013, The Committed Relationship

1 comment to The Joys of Affection

  • Marilyn

    …..a touch…….a glance……a kiss
    Memories are made of this. Buddy and I held hands when we walked together, when we watched TV together, at the movies, at the theater,.
    I loved to see older couples displaying these simple expressions of love and I would think to myself “we will always do this”. We did for all the time we had together and I can still feel the love.

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