The Gifts of the Pause

GivernyAfter my exercise class, I drive by my favorite bargain-hunting store.  On a whim and without a thought, I allow my car to turn into the parking lot of this shopping mecca. Two hours later, with empty hands, I emerge from the store, wishing I could have my two hours back, and the energy I left in the aisles and fitting room of the shop.  Another time, allowing anger to talk, I say something to my spouse I deeply regret.  In yet another, I give him the benefit of my unsolicited advice about something that has nothing to do with me.

These kind of situations rarely turn out well.  The problem is that I don’t always know what is in my own or others’ best interest.  I may think I do; however, experience has shown that I am often embarrassingly  wrong.  Seeking pleasure through acquiring things or having others behave in a certain way is not the path to real happiness, which flows from a peace deep within ourselves.

Unfortunately, I often wish I had chosen differently.  I have learned that I can have much more satisfying results with my choices when I first receive the gifts of the pause.  The pause is that space I create in my mind when I stop my own rambling thoughts long enough to ask for guidance from Divine Wisdom.  And, I want to stay in that pause long enough to listen for the answer instead of plunging on, doing what I wanted to do, or what I thought I wanted to do.

I can benefit from the gifts of the pause any time I choose.  I can simply stop my thoughts and listen to the silence.  It may help to focus on a tree or a flower or the singing of a bird or my breathing.  With this simple act time seems to stop while peace folds over me in gossamer stillness.  And, I will know I can trust the answer when it comes from this place of peace.

I will choose the gifts of the pause today.  My spouse and others in my life will receive the gifts along with me.



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