Supporting Each Other

PNW Sept 2016Marriage is our last, best chance to grow up.                    Joseph Barth

When I was a young girl I prayed every night that I would “know my vocation and marry the right man.”  I must confess there were times when I questioned whether my prayers were answered.  However, as I look back from this vantage point of over 53 years, when we obviously have fewer years left together than we’ve already enjoyed, I can say without hesitation, that indeed my prayers have been answered.

I believe that I married the “right” man because I feel confident that our marriage has been a successful marriage, which I define as one in which each partner brings out the best in the other.  Now, my partner and I haven’t met this criteria one hundred percent of the time.  We have certainly had our moments when the opposite was true.  However, the overall trend has been one of spiritual, mental, emotional, social, and professional growth for both of us.

In reflection of our years together, it seems there are certain gifts of support we gave each other to make this true.  These include such things as pitching in and helping when the other was striving for a particular goal, being a cheerleader, helping each other see our strengths when we could not see them for ourselves, and just being there, talking at times and more time listening.

I have thrived in the sunlight of his love. I am grateful .

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