Mister God

images“And as for Anna, she had simply moved out and let Mister God move in.”                                                                                           from
Mister God, This is Anna, by Fynn

A committed relationship flows most happily and most peacefully when one or both  partners are not seeing through the eyes of their own limited perspectives. If I listen to the self-seeking voice in my head, I will notice that it looks upon all things and asks, “How does this affect me?”  It automatically sorts everything into categories of approval or disapproval.  If I allow this voice to reign, I can go through life with my peripheral vision cut down to a minute “me-sized” space.  This causes me to exclude the vast majority of other viewpoints and insights. It effectively keeps out compassion, tolerance and love. It is also suspicuously canny in keeping me locked inside myself, quite alone and separate from others. It is the birthplace of hateful arguments and hurt feelings.  Not the voice I want to be in charge of my life or my marriage.

But, I have another choice.  If I notice the self-seeking voice chattering, demanding my attention, and trying to be the center of the universe, I can choose instead to follow the example of  the child named Anna.  I can simply move out and let God move in.  With this new perspective everything changes.  I no longer see my interests as more important than my mate’s.  I realize that we share a common goal.  I recognize that  his behavior and his words are just attempts to find what we all want —  happiness and peace.  With Mister God’s vision, I will see him through the eyes of love and compassion.  

When I move out and let God move in, everything changes.


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