Just Let It Go

IMG_6269When my two granddaughters were teenagers, sometimes I heard my daughter command, “Just let it go.”  This was her response when one of the two seemed convinced that if she could just say this one more thing, everyone could see how right she was and she would be vindicated for holding such strong feelings about the subject at hand.  She wanted so badly to have the last word.  It was extremely difficult for her to “just let it go.”

It’s easy for me to see the folly of this kind of behavior in others. It’s quite a bit harder to see this kind of behavior in myself. However, my dear teenage grandchildren served as a wonderful mirror for my own behavior in certain moments of insanity when I don’t want to “just let it go.”

Much as I hate to admit it, sometimes I don’t want to let go of an argument until I’ve had the last word — until I’ve convinced my spouse that I was right or that I was justified in seeing things the way I do.  Surely, after all these years I’ve made progress and I control myself better than when I was a teenager, but the teenager still lives within and occasionally comes out to try to have the last word. 

I am grateful to my granddaughters for having reminded me that if I don’t stay alert, the emotional teenager inside me can come out and try to hold on, unwilling to “just let it go.

Am I reluctant “just to let it go”?  If so, I can try a new response today and see if I like the results better.  


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  • Marilyn Burr

    Good idea. recently one of my grandchildren and I got into a discussion about God. I finally realized we were both repeating the same thing over and over. I finally said ” I think we are saying the same thing but using different words.” and that ended the discussion. That was my way of letting it go. He is a grown man and he is entitled to his own ideas.

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