Gifts of the Spirit

IMG_3435A beautiful, fun, free, and easy way to add sparkle to a relationship is to give small gifts to our partners.  I’ve learned much from my spouse in this area. He’s a master of thoughtfulness.  He seems to look for ways to make my life easier and more pleasant.  For example, after brushing his teeth with our electric tooth brush, he sometimes replaces his brush with mine, leaving it ready for my use. His generosity has inspired me to return the practice.

There are endless gifts we can give our loved  ones.   For example, bringing her favorite beverage; calling to say, “I’m thinking of you”; helping with jobs he usually does, especially when times are stressful; let him be right even when certain he’s wrong.  (This one can be challenging, but also soul-strengthening.)   The list is endless and limited only by our willingness, observation and creativity.

One gift I give my spouse on a regular basis began as a result of my noticing  when one of my behaviors annoyed him.  We have a pull-down sprayer on our kitchen faucet that can be changed from spray to flow with the push of a button.  I’d been in the habit of leaving the faucet on spray, which comes on with full force.  I noticed this was annoying him as he often ended up with a wet shirt.  So, I began training myself to leave the faucet on flow, a much friendlier setting for him.  Simple to give.  Now every time I leave the faucet on flow, I get a little feeling of satisfaction and a lovely, warm feeling of love for my spouse.  It turns out that I’m the one getting the gift — often several times a day.

Gifts of the spirit are fun, free, easy, and very rewarding.  I will look for gifts that I can give to my partner today.  

Written October 19, 2019, The Committed Relationship

3 comments to Gifts of the Spirit

  • Marilyn

    HMMMM. Makes me want to think of more ways. My honey is very neat and meticulous. I have tried to change my hither-thither habits and put things back where they belong. He likes cookies and cakes baked soft so I set the timer for less than the minimum time and when the cake droops in the middle, I just take my servings off the sides and he eats the middle part.

    I am sure that just being aware of his preferences in daily living will show me even more ways I can give him silent gifts. One that quickly occurs is not feeling I have to correct grammar or when I know he is the one that threw away something we need now because of his “neatness”, I don’t have to mention that fact.

  • Bob C

    Very well written

  • Anne

    Beautiful gifts, Marilyn. Thank you for your wonderful contributions.

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