Another Guest

Anger came to visit last night. I took offense at something my spouse said. As I was expressing my anger to him, I knew that taking offense was a choice I was making. And I knew that although his words seemed to be aimed at me, they weren’t really about me. However, for a few […]

Building a Fence by Taking Offense

I’ve heard it said that taking offense can be seen as “building a fence” between myself and another. I need only reflect on the last time I took offense to know how true this is. All meaningful conversation is blocked until I become open enough to consider my own role in an interaction. Am I […]

Taking Offense


No one can put you down without your consent. – Eleanor Roosevelt –

I used to think of the phrase, taking offense, as one word or one thought until a friend points to a deeper way to look at it. She suggests I look at the meaning of each word separately.

Taking her […]

It’s Not Always About Me

There’s nothing at stake here. No issues to hash out. I simply ask if he’d be willing to bring me a cup of coffee. This is not out of the ordinary. We both know it takes me longer to get ready to go somewhere than it does for him, so he often does little things […]