Setting Our Intentions

Before we began our yoga practice for the day, the instructor invited the class participants to set our intentions for what we wanted to get out of the class. I had amazing results. I’d come into the class exhausted, not sure if my body could keep up with the yoga poses. I set my intentions […]

Through the Rough Times

My husband and I were just 20 years old when we got married and we had loads of growing up to do. Our lessons were not always easy. Sometimes, it took a great deal of pain to motivate us into making healthy changes.

One span of time was so difficult that I thought it was […]

The Beauty of Growth

I watch him come toward me with that same delighted smile on his face that he perpetually wears in the black and white wedding photo that sits among the many other family photos in our home. There is such a sparkle in his eye. And, I know this smile and these eyes are of […]