A Valentine’s Day Reprise

How delicious the kisses of lips sweetened by traces of chocolate.

I take off the ribbon from the red box my Valentine has just handed me. In it I find yummy looking chocolates that he has hand-selected from a chocolate specialty store. I take one out and take a tiny bite, letting its creamy […]



Beauty soaks into us from every direction. We walk through a cacophony of greens, from sparkling lime to deepest veridians, accented with splashes of other vibrant colors — reds, corals, yellows, lavenders and more. My spouse and I walk through one of the most luscious public gardens and conservatories we have ever visited. We’ve […]

Sharing Space

I stand in a store in front of a display of mirrors. There is one like no other I’ve ever seen. It feels fun to me. We are in the process of updating our bathroom. We’ve picked out everything except a mirror. I call my spouse on my cell phone. I can’t keep the excitement […]

The Joy of Peeling An Orange


She stands at the kitchen sink watching the incoming sun illuminate the flesh of the orange she is peeling. Her total focus is in this moment. She notices how the juicy flesh of the orange appears to glow from within. She delights in the delicious citrusy smell. She feels the satisfying release of each […]