Raising Children

I think our children were the biggest challenge in our marriage.


As our children grow there are new challenges. Children seem to be masters at playing one parent against the other from a very early age. And if parents don’t have a united front, they can easily fall into the traps of […]


Sometimes it’s so much easier to push my feelings down as unimportant rather than to acknowledge them and address them with my life partner. Quite frankly, sometimes I’m a little afraid of his reactions to my feelings. I don’t want to hurt his feelings or make him mad or cause him to worry. So, I […]


Please. Thank you. I appreciate your help. Would you be willing? Great dinner. I understand. Good morning. You handled that situation well. These words and many others like them play like background music in our home.

How much sweeter marriage and life are when the melodies of common courtesy sweeten the communications of family members. […]

A Bad Mood

Because spouses share the same space, their moods and energy can get quite mixed up. If my spouse is having a bad day, I may end up on the receiving end of his bad mood, even though it has nothing to do with me. Though it may feel about me, I don’t have to take […]

Live and Let Live


Live and let live. This well-known prescription sounds simple enough on the surface. Hmmm. What happens when I actually apply it to my life? What happens when I pull myself out of other people’s choices? Not too hard — until I get to my spouse’s choices. Ah, then it is too easy to think […]


I overhear a snatch of a conversation at a nearby table in a restaurant. My mind catches on the word dissing. This is a word that hasn’t made itself at home in my vocabulary. It’s a baby word in terms of its place in history.

I’ve never considered the origin of the word until […]