Saving Resentments

Several decades ago some merchants offered their customers stamps that could be “cashed in” for products of varying values. The customers were given booklets for storing their stamps until they had enough to cash in. Many shoppers saved faithfully and waited patiently for the bigger “prizes.” Long ago I heard someone compare this practice of […]


Unaddressed resentments can eat away at the foundation of a union like unseen termites gnawing away at the foundation of a house. Do I resent the way my spouse talks to me? Do I feel that I have more to do than my share of household chores? Do I wish she’d spend more time with […]

Her Own Voice


She had always thought he was smarter than she was, so she went along with whatever he wanted to do. They had been married for many years before she began to see that she didn’t always agree with his choices. She knew that by stifling her own inner wisdom, she was building resentments […]