First Things First

When I find myself faced with any kind of a choice in my marriage, I find that the slogan, “first things first” to be an important guidepost in taking right action. It tells me to set priorities in my use of time, energy, and money. It helps me sort things out. For example, my husband, […]

People First


My husband and I have adopted a guideline that helps us get our priorities straight when making decisions: People before things.

This thought was particularly helpful when Christmas came early this year. In the past our daughter, son-in-law, and our three teenage grandchildren arrived for the holidays the day after Christmas. This year they […]

Focusing on What is Important

My art teacher does it again! He gives me a nugget of wisdom as he teaches principles of art. His latest is this.

“You can’t make everything important or you will get overwhelmed.”

Oh my! I needed to hear that. If I’m not awake and aware, I can find myself skipping from one […]