The Gifts of the Pause

After my exercise class, I drive by my favorite bargain-hunting store. On a whim and without a thought, I allow my car to turn into the parking lot of this shopping mecca. Two hours later, with empty hands, I emerge from the store, wishing I could have my two hours back, and the energy I […]


If I stop and feel what is going on inside of me, what will I find? A swirling cauldron of chaotic thoughts and feelings? Is my mind racing with a long list of things I need to do, problems, regrets? If I’m not feeling quiet within myself, how can I expect to find peace in […]

Peace and Happiness

I loved our house and the beautiful 2 acres where it was located. I did not like the lime green shag carpet, and our roof was discolored from long exposure to the elements. I wanted new carpet and a new roof so badly that it churned the stillness of my soul up into a mad […]

Slowing Down


(Facebook recently resurrected the following essay, which was written over five years ago.)


We’ve never been here before. We are in Costa Rica. The lodge where we are staying connects with trails winding through forests. We leave our room to go explore the wilderness. We walk a ways and then step […]

Let There Be Peace

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

– Jill Jackson Miller and Sy Miller

I can so easily work myself into a dither. The opportunities are many: There’s a hairline crack in the granite kitchen countertop — perceptible only if one knows it is there. My partner […]

The Serenity Prayer

There have been times in our marriage when I bartered, manipulated, and contrived to get my partner to change in some way that I felt was important. I reasoned, cajoled, cried, and yelled — all to no avail. Naturally, I wore myself out in the process.

Then one day I was introduced to the Serenity […]

Clashing Dreams


When my spouse and I are in a state of turmoil with each other, much of my emotion deflates when I redefine our conflict as simply a case of clashing dreams. Then, I can do what I do when I have a bad sleeping dream. I can wake up. I can let the images, […]

The Key

I have a real I Love Lucy moment this morning. I park my car where I have come to attend a discussion group. I take the key out of the ignition and proceed to gather up my stuff — water bottle, the crochet project I’m working on, my books. With all this “gathering up,” I […]