The Need to Be Right

I may not always be right, but I’m never in doubt. – Bob Calvert –

Why is it so important that I be right? Why do I even think I am always right? When I think about it, I can remember times when I was convinced I was right only to be embarrassed to find […]

Gifts of the Spirit

A beautiful, fun, free, and easy way to add sparkle to a relationship is to give small gifts to our partners. I’ve learned much from my spouse in this area. He’s a master of thoughtfulness. He seems to look for ways to make my life easier and more pleasant. For example, after brushing his teeth […]

The Need to Be Right


There’s a voice inside my head that takes pleasure in insisting that I have to be right. This voice will do anything to convince others, especially my partner, that I’ve got the corner on how things are. This unsavory attitude leads to a dangerous place in a relationship — if I’m right and my […]

Useless Discussions

“You said . . . “ “No, I didn’t. I said . . . “

Do those words sound familiar? I hate to think of the many hours my spouse and I spent trying to convince each other of what we heard the other say or that what the other claims we said was not […]

How Important is It?

One of the things that my husband used to do that tightened my jaw and neck muscles was to leave debris in the kitchen sink. Now, he’s a very tidy fellow, but a clean sink does not make his list of priorities. I have to admit, I let him know it bugged me. Naturally, […]

One of My Greatest Teachers


I hear my spouse’s words play repeatedly in my head. “That’s okay,” he says. “He needs to win. I need to give.”

We have just taken our place in what appears obvious to us to be the end of a block-long queue for a taxi stand at one of the world’s busiest airports. […]