“Love Casts Out Fear”

“Well, Honey, if you love someone you can’t help but worry about them.” I heard these words many years ago from my Mother-in-law. As I reflect on them, I realize that the reason they stuck in my memory all these years is that I never really bought into them. And, I’m glad I didn’t.


Detaching with Love

Well, he can just get glad in the same clothes he got mad in.

– Buddy –

This wonderful saying, was a gift from a good friend of ours who left this world a few years ago. It has blessed me many times with its message of freedom. If my spouse or anyone else […]

Beneath the Behavior

Many years ago I learned that what I see in my husband’s, or in anyone else’s behavior, is probably not as it appears to be. This gift of insight was given to me by my spouse who was tuned in enough to what was going on inside his mind to explain to me why he […]

Growing in Love




During the week following Valentine’s Day I find myself pondering the meaning of love, admittedly a lofty topic — one I’m not sure I can do justice. So, I won’t try. Instead I will attempt to put in writing some of the thoughts that I find working in my mind this day.


The Love-Based Relationship


“There are only two emotions: love and fear. All positive emotions come from love, all negative emotions from fear.

― Elisabeth Kubler Ros

When I first heard this idea that there are only two emotions, my mind rebelled. How could this be? What about the hundreds of other emotions? However, the more I […]

Substitutes for Love

My husband and I often chat amiably — frequently about minutiae. One of our favorite topics is about the online word game we play with each other as well as with others. It’s a game that has no time limit and can be played in spare moments. Recently, my spouse whines that he has had […]