Roles and Style

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players . . . “

– William Shakespeare –

All the world is indeed a stage and we are but players in it. As such, we play various roles; and, in each role we may have many costume changes.

My life partner […]

Beneath the Behavior

Many years ago I learned that what I see in my husband’s, or in anyone else’s behavior, is probably not as it appears to be. This gift of insight was given to me by my spouse who was tuned in enough to what was going on inside his mind to explain to me why he […]

A Better Vision

In the earlier years of our marriage, I sometimes allowed my thoughts to fixate on one particular thing that I found displeasing in my spouse. If I let my thoughts go unchecked, I could let this one thing grow and multiply into several things that I disliked. Obviously, at these times I was blinded to […]

Fact or Interpretation

I have an inner teacher. The way I know this is that every so often I receive the same lesson from different sources about three times in a week. I’ve come to call these “my weekly lessons.”

This week the lesson is the importance of knowing whether I am basing my decisions, actions, and conclusions […]