I punch the number 4 on the elevator. My husband says, “Wait! Isn’t she on the third floor?” We are on our way to visit a friend in the hospital. We’d been there a couple of days prior. I told him I believed she was on the fourth floor. And that’s where we found […]

Different Tastes

In the first few years of our marriage my husband had a very limited food palette. He was particularly picky when it came to vegetables. He declared that he particularly didn’t like broccoli or brussels sprouts Now I’d been raised to enjoy a wide variety of foods, including vegetables. I finally got tired of catering […]


We once had a lovely water garden, complete with brightly colored Koi and goldfish, as well as water lilies, iris and other flora. It gave us much pleasure. On the other hand, it required a considerable amount of upkeep. It frequently developed a profusion of brilliant green algae, which was challenging to clean out.

I […]

Humility and Humor


Whew! What a morning. We’re making final preparations for a weekend trip. We plan to leave as soon as we finishing packing the car. I’ve been feeling an unidentified tension in the air. However, I continue to get ready to leave.

As I step out of the shower I hear my husband’s voice. He […]