Things That Matter

We had lived in our house for over 22 years. Over time our needs and lifestyle changed and this house did not feel quite right anymore. So, we went house hunting and eventually found a home that felt perfect for us.

Even though we had a preference for a new home, we were not dependent […]

Blessing Others from a Happy Home

How my spouse and I interact with each other can set the stage for our interactions with everyone else with whom we come into contact in our lives — our children, our colleagues and coworkers, or the customer service representative we may speak with on the phone or in person. The hug and […]

Peace and Happiness

I loved our house and the beautiful 2 acres where it was located. I did not like the lime green shag carpet, and our roof was discolored from long exposure to the elements. I wanted new carpet and a new roof so badly that it churned the stillness of my soul up into a mad […]

Happiness is an Inside Job

“I’d have been happy even if I’d been married to somebody else.” What?! Did she hear her husband correctly? “They’d been married several years when he deliveres this bombshell to her. She had never considered that any one but the man before her could make her happy. Now he’s telling her that she could […]

The Beauty of Growth

I watch him come toward me with that same delighted smile on his face that he perpetually wears in the black and white wedding photo that sits among the many other family photos in our home. There is such a sparkle in his eye. And, I know this smile and these eyes are of […]