Self Forgiveness

Guilt and blame are best friends. Knowing how these two play together in the playground of life, will help me free myself from their devious games — games that can sabotage a marriage.

If I look at my spouse through the dark glasses of my own guilt, I will most likely see him darkly. His […]

Teaching Moments

She’s being really difficult. She is our 8-year-old granddaughter, whose world is upside down because she has been outvoted in the selection of a restaurant for our lunch. The seven of us are seated at our table: our granddaughter and her two siblings, her parents, and her Granddad and I. Her mother keeps her tone […]

The Space Between Awareness and Acceptance

A recent experience showed me that I have much room for improvement in the space between awareness and acceptance. I called my husband to see if he’d seen a particular prescription of mine. Pause. Then softly, “Yes, I think I threw it away.” Awareness starts to dawn. My prescription is gone.

Thus begins the space […]

Guilt and Blame

Before going to bed last night, I asked my husband if he had locked the back door. He replied that he had. This morning I discovered that the door was unlocked. I am quite certain he believed he had locked it. However, I was tempted to tell him that I had found it unlocked. But […]