Grief and Gratitude

The following article was written May 13, 2011

My father-in-law passed away a few days ago. I watch my husband in his grief. I cry with his tears, but I know I can’t take them away. Nor would I ever want to. I rejoice that he is able to cry, to release these feelings. I […]

Grateful for Gratitude

“It’s hard to be annoyed with someone when you’re filled with gratitude for them.” ~ Marilyn ~

She used to get annoyed when he had the TV on too loud or a show on that she didn’t enjoy. He got annoyed when she left the light on at night to read.

This all […]


Note: The following reflection was written five years ago. In two days Bob faces an eight-hour surgery followed by two weeks in the hospital, the first week of which will be in ICU. It seems a fitting time for gratitude.


This morning I find myself snuggled deeply in the great big, warm lap of […]

Joys of a Committed Relationship

Wonderful, happy energies ignite when I make a list of the many joys and gifts that enrich my life as a result of being in a committed relationship. Making this list can be particularly helpful if I’ve been focusing on the negatives in our relationship. My list might look something like this.

Being in a […]

The Power of Gratitude

(In celebration of this day, which has been set aside to focus on all the things for which we have to be grateful, I offer the following. Although, this writing is focused on the romantic relationship, it can be applied to all relationships and to life in general. — Anne)


There have been […]

Annoyance or Gratitude?

I’ve just read the same sentence for the fourth time. I clue in and realize it’s because my dear spouse keeps dropping sentences into the air with just enough space between to trick me into thinking he’s finished and I’m free to read on. I notice that the slight jaw-tightening feeling I’m experiencing is annoyance. […]

Gratitude – a Powerful Magnet

We seem to be so lucky. Except for a one-day visit to Paris, France nine years ago, this is our first real visit here. As we check into our hotel, we are advised that the room we have booked has been upgraded to the next level. We are soon surveying the room that is to […]