Giving and Receiving

“I was very good at giving; however, I found it to be very uncomfortable to let other people do things for me. I just couldn’t stand the idea of being a bother to anyone. This pattern had shaped my responses to others for as long as I could remember.

– Anonymous –

This wife goes […]

Building Treasures

Bill and Janet have been married for 41 years. They both sparkle in each other’s presence. One of the things that they contribute to their delightful union is the pleasure they receive in performing little kindnesses for each other. Bill explains that their little acts of kindness build on each other. When she does something […]

Giving and Receiving

“William, you need to fix that door.” “Martha, bring me a coke.” Commands. Demands. How frequently couples slide into these patterns of treating their partners as their own personal servants. I’ve observed extremes of this model on both sides of the relationship. It seems that neither partner is aware of what they are doing. It’s […]