Building Treasures

Bill and Janet have been married for 41 years. They both sparkle in each other’s presence. One of the things that they contribute to their delightful union is the pleasure they receive in performing little kindnesses for each other. Bill explains that their little acts of kindness build on each other. When she does something […]

Joys of a Committed Relationship

Wonderful, happy energies ignite when I make a list of the many joys and gifts that enrich my life as a result of being in a committed relationship. Making this list can be particularly helpful if I’ve been focusing on the negatives in our relationship. My list might look something like this.

Being in a […]

Many ways to say “I love you”


A good friend of mine, who lost her husband several years ago, is now in a another relationship. Her new partner is not one to use terms of endearment or to give her bouquets of compliments; for example, he has little to say about how nice she looks. One day he told her that […]

Gifts of the Spirit

A beautiful, fun, free, and easy way to add sparkle to a relationship is to give small gifts to our partners. I’ve learned much from my spouse in this area. He’s a master of thoughtfulness. He seems to look for ways to make my life easier and more pleasant. For example, after brushing his teeth […]

A Valentine’s Day Reprise

How delicious the kisses of lips sweetened by traces of chocolate.

I take off the ribbon from the red box my Valentine has just handed me. In it I find yummy looking chocolates that he has hand-selected from a chocolate specialty store. I take one out and take a tiny bite, letting its creamy […]

The Joy of Peeling An Orange


She stands at the kitchen sink watching the incoming sun illuminate the flesh of the orange she is peeling. Her total focus is in this moment. She notices how the juicy flesh of the orange appears to glow from within. She delights in the delicious citrusy smell. She feels the satisfying release of each […]