Getting My Needs Met

“I’m sorry. I don’t understand why you are so upset. I’ve tried, but I just don’t get it. You’ll need to talk to someone else who may understand better than I do.”

This ice-water message came from my husband one evening while I was crying my eyes out over something that I’ve long since […]

A Trusted Friend


My husband and I recently join some old friends for dinner and a ballet performance at a local university. Since we moved further away from them several years ago, we don’t see them often. She was a significant confidant and advisor to me for many years. This evening is a special treat.

Seeing her […]

People First


My husband and I have adopted a guideline that helps us get our priorities straight when making decisions: People before things.

This thought was particularly helpful when Christmas came early this year. In the past our daughter, son-in-law, and our three teenage grandchildren arrived for the holidays the day after Christmas. This year they […]