“Love Casts Out Fear”

“Well, Honey, if you love someone you can’t help but worry about them.” I heard these words many years ago from my Mother-in-law. As I reflect on them, I realize that the reason they stuck in my memory all these years is that I never really bought into them. And, I’m glad I didn’t.


Scaring Myself

So much of what I think I see is not really based what my eyes behold, but my interpretation of what my eyes behold. I often take bits and pieces of what I observe and weave them into conclusions that I mistake as possible or probable truth. This can lead to some sad results, unnecessary […]

The Love-Based Relationship


“There are only two emotions: love and fear. All positive emotions come from love, all negative emotions from fear.

― Elisabeth Kubler Ros

When I first heard this idea that there are only two emotions, my mind rebelled. How could this be? What about the hundreds of other emotions? However, the more I […]