Parenting Together

My nephew has just shared the exciting news that he and his wife are expecting a baby. My nephew admits that at first he was a bit nervous about becoming a parent. I think this is a good sign that he realizes what a big responsibility being a parent is and how much it changes […]


Note: This was written in February 2011. Mom died in 2007


I lay on the bed beside my mother-in-law. She is dying. We talk of the years we have shared. “We’ve loved each other for a long time,” she says. Two days later, hours after her death, I find myself at the computer. A […]

Being Vulnerable

I hadn’t had a family party to celebrate my birthday in decades. My birthday falls very close to Thanksgiving. It is also the busiest time of the year for my husband’s business. My daughter and her family live over 700 miles away. So, while they give me gifts and I celebrate with various pockets of […]

Her Own Voice


She had always thought he was smarter than she was, so she went along with whatever he wanted to do. They had been married for many years before she began to see that she didn’t always agree with his choices. She knew that by stifling her own inner wisdom, she was building resentments […]

The Family Tree


She’s had enough. They’ve been married for several years, but she is ready to walk out. Her husband has a habit of criticizing her and putting her down. She struggles to keep up her self-esteem. She’s aware that her mother-in-law left her husband after many years of living with the same abusive behavior. In […]

What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

We don’t get to see our three grandchildren as often as we’d like. They live a fourteen-hour drive from our house, so our time with them is limited. It’s hard to know how much influence we have on them. It’s surely different for each of them.

Obviously, their parents are their chief teachers. Nevertheless, we […]