Beneath the Behavior

Many years ago I learned that what I see in my husband’s, or in anyone else’s behavior, is probably not as it appears to be. This gift of insight was given to me by my spouse who was tuned in enough to what was going on inside his mind to explain to me why he […]

Building a Fence by Taking Offense

I’ve heard it said that taking offense can be seen as “building a fence” between myself and another. I need only reflect on the last time I took offense to know how true this is. All meaningful conversation is blocked until I become open enough to consider my own role in an interaction. Am I […]

Accentuate the Positive and Eliminate the Negative


You’ve got to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative . . .

These are the lyrics to a song that set my fingers to snapping when I was a little girl. The words soaked in and became a key guidepost for my life and for helping me stay in the happily-ever-after […]

My Teacher


Argh! I’m trying to load photos onto a website that is purported to be designed for sharing photos. One would think it would be an intuitive process since this is supposedly the website’s purpose for existing. I’ve tried numerous ways, numerous times. Failure. Over and over again — failure.

I grunt. I growl. I […]


I overhear a snatch of a conversation at a nearby table in a restaurant. My mind catches on the word dissing. This is a word that hasn’t made itself at home in my vocabulary. It’s a baby word in terms of its place in history.

I’ve never considered the origin of the word until […]



This morning I serve myself a heaping dish of humility along with my bowl of granola. It starts when I find my husband’s plate scrapings littering the bottom of the kitchen sink. I feel my arteries tighten and a low growl coming from my diaphragm. No matter how many times I mention to my […]