Early in our marriage, I sometimes worried that my feelings of affection for my spouse tended to wax and wane. Sometimes I felt delicious affection for him and other times I wanted to be left alone. Where was the “happily ever after?” I remember actually praying for help to love my partner again. My […]

Happiness is an Inside Job

“I’d have been happy even if I’d been married to somebody else.” What?! Did she hear her husband correctly? “They’d been married several years when he deliveres this bombshell to her. She had never considered that any one but the man before her could make her happy. Now he’s telling her that she could […]


My mother and father-in-law were married for 67 years before she died a few years ago. Shortly before her transition, I ask her how she managed to stay happily married for so many years. Her reply takes me by surprise. She simply says, “Just do it.”

Frankly, I was hoping for more — something a […]

Staying in


My husband and I are watching the 2014 Winter Olympics on television. We especially enjoy figure skating and ice dancing. We cringe as we watch USA figure skater, Jeremy Abbott, two-time Olympian, crash into the boards in a failed attempt at a quad jump. We grimace as he writhes in pain for about […]

A Conscious Effort


If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

~ Tony Robbins ~

One day after fifteen years of marriage, this couple look at each other and concede that they aren’t making each other happy any more. Further they admit that if things don’t change, they don’t want to stay […]

Caring and Carrying (Revised)


This morning I watch a short video that I received in my morning’s e-mail. The video opens with a photo of an attractive young couple. She is carrying him piggy-back. We learn in the story that the couple were on their way to get his “legs” when the photographer snapped the shot. The […]

The Beauty of Growth

I watch him come toward me with that same delighted smile on his face that he perpetually wears in the black and white wedding photo that sits among the many other family photos in our home. There is such a sparkle in his eye. And, I know this smile and these eyes are of […]