Let There Be Peace

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”

– Jill Jackson Miller and Sy Miller

I can so easily work myself into a dither. The opportunities are many: There’s a hairline crack in the granite kitchen countertop — perceptible only if one knows it is there. My partner […]


Early in our marriage, I sometimes worried that my feelings of affection for my spouse tended to wax and wane. Sometimes I felt delicious affection for him and other times I wanted to be left alone. Where was the “happily ever after?” I remember actually praying for help to love my partner again. My […]

Building a Fence by Taking Offense

I’ve heard it said that taking offense can be seen as “building a fence” between myself and another. I need only reflect on the last time I took offense to know how true this is. All meaningful conversation is blocked until I become open enough to consider my own role in an interaction. Am I […]

Taking Offense


No one can put you down without your consent. – Eleanor Roosevelt –

I used to think of the phrase, taking offense, as one word or one thought until a friend points to a deeper way to look at it. She suggests I look at the meaning of each word separately.

Taking her […]