The Worst That Could Happen

My spouse and I had a time in our lives when we faced complete uncertainty. We were sure we knew what was the best thing that could happen for us in the situation. With this view, we also had a very clear picture of what was the worst thing that could happen. The worst that […]

Making Changes

Ugh! I’ve been here before. I wake up with an emotional hangover. The previous night my spouse and I slipped back into a familiar pattern that ended up with heated words and hurt feelings. I’d like it to change. Well, that’s telling right there — I’d like it to change? If I really examine my […]


Life brings change. It is inevitable. We welcome some changes, like a new job that improves our way of living, or a much wanted baby, or a new home. These are usually changes that we prepare for. However, other changes aren’t so welcome and sometimes come upon us unannounced, while we are trying to go […]