Facing Challenges

A couple that I am close to is going through a challenging situation that is filled with uncertainty in regards to their income. Although they are united in their goals, it is still a stressful time. Reflecting on their situation, I am reminded of a period in our lives when my partner and I went […]

Hard Times

Sometimes, life is hard — very hard. A loved one is gravely ill. One of us is out of work and we don’t know where the rent or mortgage money is coming from. A child is in serious trouble — hanging out with a bad crowd or using drugs, etc.

How do I get through […]


My mother and father-in-law were married for 67 years before she died a few years ago. Shortly before her transition, I ask her how she managed to stay happily married for so many years. Her reply takes me by surprise. She simply says, “Just do it.”

Frankly, I was hoping for more — something a […]