The Saboteur in Hiding

Until the last three decades of my life, if you had told me that I was capable of unkind, devious, and mean-spirited thoughts, I would have denied it vehemently. In fact, I would have had my feelings hurt that you could possibly think this of me. I truly believed that I was only sweetness and […]

Awareness, Acceptance, Action

Suddenly my friend’s story is no longer about her and her spouse; it is about me. I feel a flush of guilt as I listen.

She tells me about an experience with her husband that sounds much too familiar. She had worked all day gardening and was proud of her accomplishments. When her husband arrived […]

The Space Between Awareness and Acceptance

A recent experience showed me that I have much room for improvement in the space between awareness and acceptance. I called my husband to see if he’d seen a particular prescription of mine. Pause. Then softly, “Yes, I think I threw it away.” Awareness starts to dawn. My prescription is gone.

Thus begins the space […]