Letting Go of the Lead

There are certain areas in life where I have this grandiose belief that I know more than or better than my spouse. The temptation to share my superior wisdom is great. Topics range from when to begin breaking for a stop sign to how to handle a sticky employee issue with the company he runs. […]

Unsolicited Advise

One of the gifts of sharing a committed relationship is having someone to talk with — to share joys, concerns, feelings, and more. I particularly enjoy hearing about my spouses’s day when we’re together in the evenings. He often tells me about problems and successes he is experiencing at work.

Sometimes, in response, I find […]

Live and Let Live


Live and let live. This well-known prescription sounds simple enough on the surface. Hmmm. What happens when I actually apply it to my life? What happens when I pull myself out of other people’s choices? Not too hard — until I get to my spouse’s choices. Ah, then it is too easy to think […]