Caring and Carrying (Revised)


This morning I watch a short video that I received in my morning’s e-mail. The video opens with a photo of an attractive young couple. She is carrying him piggy-back. We learn in the story that the couple were on their way to get his “legs” when the photographer snapped the shot. The […]

Adjusting My Assumptions

One of our favorite together activities is to work jigsaw puzzles while listening to music. There is something satisfying about bringing order out of chaos. In addition, we enjoy the delicious feeling of the almost inaudible click of a puzzle piece nestling into its position as we place it in the picture. The music […]


Finally, we’re off for a second weekend trip in two weeks. A little later than we’d intended, but that’s not unusual. We should still make it in plenty of time to be unpacked and dressed for a formal dinner and dance. This will be the first evening of a three-dance weekend where we will enjoy […]

Making Adjustments

My spouse and I love to travel. We recently spent ten days in Paris. We have discovered that visiting large cities, wherever they are, requires a significant amount of walking and stair-climbing. (One day while in Paris, we tracked our walking with a Global Positioning System on my cell phone and found that we had […]