Accepting Myself


img_8941My grandson spills milk on the floor.  Not a peep of criticism from my daughter.  She simply laughs and states that she can’t say anything to anyone for spilling and dropping things because she’s worse than anyone in the family at just those things.  She beautifully demonstrates an important principle.  To give love and compassion to others, we must first give it to ourselves.

Perhaps my daughter got this propensity for dropping things from her mother.  I frequently drop and spill things. However, unlike my daughter, I often hear a voice in my head calling me unkind names; such as clumsy or incompetent.  This same name-calling inner critic has other choice names for me at other times — stupid, inept, or lazy. These labels may intrude upon my thoughts; however, they are no longer invited to make themselves at home.  At least that’s my goal.

In spite of these mental trespassers, I have come a long way over the years in learning to love, forgive, and accept myself.  This certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t work to improve myself.  It simply means that I’m okay,  just as I am right now —  a work in progress.

When I can smile at my defects instead of taking on guilt and self-condemnation; when I can accept myself — flaws, mistakes, and all, I find that loving, forgiving, and accepting my spouse and others just as they are, comes naturally and easily.  And, I am the first to receive the gifts that I give.  .

I may not be perfect, but I am excellent. 

– Author Unknown – 


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  • Linda Campbell

    This speaks to me because as someone who moved quickly all the time I would often spill things and it would always embarrass me as a young adult when people would make comments about ho common it was for me to spill things. For me, it was a lesson to become more mindful and staying in the moment. As i practiced this over the years spills occurred less often. I didn’t have the inner critic so much, but the outer critics were my teachers.

    Ive made a concerted effort in my life to slow down and enjoy the moment. In this way, I can often feel less frazzled and calm. I have learned that I have a tendency to put way too much on my to do lists. Im still not as organized as I would prefer, but am doing better. My current lesson is to simplify my life by shedding some of the material things that require my attention and energy that are not necessary. Still working on this one!

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