Just Let It Go

When my two granddaughters were teenagers, sometimes I heard my daughter command, “Just let it go.” This was her response when one of the two seemed convinced that if she could just say this one more thing, everyone could see how right she was and she would be vindicated for holding such strong feelings about […]

This Too Shall Pass

I stand looking out the window of our rustic vacation home in the mountains. We had just spent a week with our daughter and her husband and our first grandchild, who was only five months old at the time. I couldn’t see the lovely view from the window because my eyes were filled with tears. […]


It’s a simple little game, played as we take our dog for her evening walk. As we each share about our day, my husband begins kicking a small stone. As it comes to a stop, I give it a good swift kick, sending it flying, then rolling, several yards in front of us. Then he […]