Anger as soon as fed is dead —

‘Tis starving makes it fat.

Emily Dickenson

One day when our first granddaughter was two years old, she did what most two-year olds do when they don’t get their way. She had a loud, kicking-and-screaming tantrum right in the middle of a large superstore. Her […]

Raising Children

I think our children were the biggest challenge in our marriage.


As our children grow there are new challenges. Children seem to be masters at playing one parent against the other from a very early age. And if parents don’t have a united front, they can easily fall into the traps of […]

I’m Sorry

“I’m sorry.” How freely these words used to spill from my mouth — often with little thought behind them. The words were simply a habitual response. It took very little to trigger them. I might have even found myself apologizing to a table leg that I accidentally kicked. If I had to step over people […]