Divine Wisdom


Note: This post was written over six years ago.


A couple of days ago I was faced with a difficult choice, which required me to choose between my husband and our 17-year-old granddaughter. My husband and I were invited to our granddaughter’s school for Grandparents’ Day. No problem — well, except for a […]


Long ago I was told by a wise counselor that feelings are neither good nor bad; they just are. She went on to say that feelings are spawned by our thoughts. Thoughts precede feelings. My experience bears this out. Sure, it often doesn’t seem as if a thought precedes a feeling because it can happen […]

Saving Resentments

Several decades ago some merchants offered their customers stamps that could be “cashed in” for products of varying values. The customers were given booklets for storing their stamps until they had enough to cash in. Many shoppers saved faithfully and waited patiently for the bigger “prizes.” Long ago I heard someone compare this practice of […]

What is a Successful Relationship?

He was a very likable pleasant person — funny, courteous, sensitive and wise. She was thoughtful, pleasant, confident and wise. Her eyes lit up when she talked to you. They were a strikingly beautiful couple. When they danced, people stopped to watch as they glided around the floor, a perfect extension of the music.

But […]