“I always complained that he didn’t talk to me and tell me what was on his mind. I finally realized that I didn’t talk to him and tell him what was on my mind. I thought (a) he wouldn’t be interested, (b) he wouldn’t care, (c) he wouldn’t understand, or (d) he would […]

Use Your Words

When our grandkids were little, they sometimes waved their arms frantically and made nonsensical sounds in an attempt to get their needs met. My daughter calmly reminded them to use their words. Sometimes I think we grow up still waving our arms and making nonsensical sounds to get our needs met, particularly with our spouses.


Minding My Own Business

I have learned that one of the most important things I can do to keep harmony in our home is to mind my own business. But how do I know what is my business and what is not? I can ask myself, “Does this affect me?” If I’m not sure, I can ask, “How does […]