Setting Our Intentions

Before we began our yoga practice for the day, the instructor invited the class participants to set our intentions for what we wanted to get out of the class. I had amazing results. I’d come into the class exhausted, not sure if my body could keep up with the yoga poses. I set my intentions […]

My Best is Good Enough

My art teacher once gave me a lesson in values and contrast and how I might apply the principles to my painting. I stated something about wanting to find the right values for my painting. He said there is no right value. We can only attempt to find the best value we can for what […]

Pulling Together

Six years ago our eleven-year old grandson was visiting from several hundred miles away. We were looking forward to taking him to the zoo. We get up and hit the kitchen to begin our day with coffee, when we hear water running. There is no reason that we should hear water running. My husband checks […]

Peace and Happiness

I loved our house and the beautiful 2 acres where it was located. I did not like the lime green shag carpet, and our roof was discolored from long exposure to the elements. I wanted new carpet and a new roof so badly that it churned the stillness of my soul up into a mad […]