My Spouse, My Teacher

Sometimes my baser nature steps forward in the form of crankiness. I reflect back to a time I got cranky at a concert, which featured a world-famous violinist. We were there as a Father’s Day treat for my husband. My crankiness was in response to the fact that there was a big shortage of programs, […]

Mind My Own Business

Arghh! I’ve done it again. I attempted to manage my spouse — twice in one day! My first attempt was while he was on the phone with a customer service representative. I heard him give the representative the wrong account number by one digit. I tried to correct him while he was on the phone. […]

Grief and Gratitude

The following article was written May 13, 2011

My father-in-law passed away a few days ago. I watch my husband in his grief. I cry with his tears, but I know I can’t take them away. Nor would I ever want to. I rejoice that he is able to cry, to release these feelings. I […]

Building Treasures

Bill and Janet have been married for 41 years. They both sparkle in each other’s presence. One of the things that they contribute to their delightful union is the pleasure they receive in performing little kindnesses for each other. Bill explains that their little acts of kindness build on each other. When she does something […]