Easy Does It

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Isaac Newton

I struggled with a cap on a tube of paint in my art class. I asked my teacher for help. I thought that he would pull out a pair of pliers to twist off the cap. He used a tool all right, but […]

Awareness, Acceptance, Action

Suddenly my friend’s story is no longer about her and her spouse; it is about me. I feel a flush of guilt as I listen.

She tells me about an experience with her husband that sounds much too familiar. She had worked all day gardening and was proud of her accomplishments. When her husband arrived […]

You May Be Right

A couple of days ago, my husband and I enjoyed looking at our granddaughter’s Facebook page where she had posted photographs of her recent trip to Paris. Our enjoyment was enhanced by the fact that we have several photographs of the same places from a trip we had taken to Paris a few years ago. […]

Keeping My Opinions to Myself

My husband ran his own business for 40 years. At times he was challenged with employee issues or complex decisions. As we walked at the end of the day, he frequently shared the happenings of his day with me.

Being one who always has opinions, I was tempted to give advice. However, I’ve learned over […]