The Space Between Awareness and Acceptance

A recent experience showed me that I have much room for improvement in the space between awareness and acceptance. I called my husband to see if he’d seen a particular prescription of mine. Pause. Then softly, “Yes, I think I threw it away.” Awareness starts to dawn. My prescription is gone.

Thus begins the space […]


When my husband talks on any subject, his words often stir up my own dormant thoughts. Profound words of wisdom float from the depths of my subconscious into my brain and right out of my mouth. Another time an experience my spouse shares triggers one of my own “more interesting” memories. I assume that […]

What We Teach

If there were a hidden camera capturing my partner and me on film as we interact with each other on a daily basis, what would be revealed? Would my body be rigid and tense? Or would it be open and relaxed? Would we ever be caught dancing with each other or extending little expressions of […]

The Little Stuff

A long marriage is two people trying to dance a duet and two solos at the same time. -Anne Taylor Fleming-

Grace, who is a newlywed, says she and her spouse don’t usually argue about the big stuff such as money. It’s the little things, like the temperature setting on the thermostat that spark […]