Supporting Each Other

Marriage is our last, best chance to grow up. – Joseph Barth

When I was a young girl I prayed every night that I would “know my vocation and marry the right man.” I must confess there were times when I questioned whether my prayers were answered. However, as I look back from this vantage […]

The Choice to Overlook

“What does it take to stay married? You have to overlook some things.” – from a man married over 50 years –

The sky and clouds illuminate the evening sky providing a fiery backdrop to a silhouette of layered mountains. I let the beauty of this spectacle swirl through my soul and then decide […]

Detaching with Love

Well, he can just get glad in the same clothes he got mad in.

– Buddy –

This wonderful saying, was a gift from a good friend of ours who left this world a few years ago. It has blessed me many times with its message of freedom. If my spouse or anyone else […]


My spouse and I recently became aware that two events we had planned to attend fall on the same date. We can do only one. Both events have strong appeal to the two of us. This conflict in events could be a breeding ground for an argument, or it could be a point of connection […]