Another Guest

Anger came to visit last night. I took offense at something my spouse said. As I was expressing my anger to him, I knew that taking offense was a choice I was making. And I knew that although his words seemed to be aimed at me, they weren’t really about me. However, for a few […]


Note: This was written in February 2011. Mom died in 2007


I lay on the bed beside my mother-in-law. She is dying. We talk of the years we have shared. “We’ve loved each other for a long time,” she says. Two days later, hours after her death, I find myself at the computer. A […]

It Is What It Is

How much easier life flows when I loosen my grip on the world and people around me. The breeding ground for most discord in any relationship is the desire for one or both partners to want things “their way.” I usually have a certain script, a picture of how I want things or people […]

Beneath the Behavior

Many years ago I learned that what I see in my husband’s, or in anyone else’s behavior, is probably not as it appears to be. This gift of insight was given to me by my spouse who was tuned in enough to what was going on inside his mind to explain to me why he […]