The Gifts of Memories

The screen saver on our computer is a rolling panorama of memories that my husband and I have shared in the form of pictures we have taken over the past few years. Photos of us together as a couple, photos with our family, and photos of places we have enjoyed together.

We both get a […]

Giving and Receiving

“William, you need to fix that door.” “Martha, bring me a coke.” Commands. Demands. How frequently couples slide into these patterns of treating their partners as their own personal servants. I’ve observed extremes of this model on both sides of the relationship. It seems that neither partner is aware of what they are doing. It’s […]

The Worst That Could Happen

My spouse and I had a time in our lives when we faced complete uncertainty. We were sure we knew what was the best thing that could happen for us in the situation. With this view, we also had a very clear picture of what was the worst thing that could happen. The worst that […]

Different Tastes

In the first few years of our marriage my husband had a very limited food palette. He was particularly picky when it came to vegetables. He declared that he particularly didn’t like broccoli or brussels sprouts Now I’d been raised to enjoy a wide variety of foods, including vegetables. I finally got tired of catering […]