Facing Challenges

A couple that I am close to is going through a challenging situation that is filled with uncertainty in regards to their income. Although they are united in their goals, it is still a stressful time. Reflecting on their situation, I am reminded of a period in our lives when my partner and I went […]

Making Our Needs Known

Marilyn always celebrated her husband’s and children’s birthdays. She celebrated Christmas, anniversaries, and Valentines Day. She bought presents, made special dinners and cakes, and decorated with the goal of making her family members feel special on these special days. But, no one returned the favor. No gifts, flowers, cakes, or special meals for her.

One […]

Letting Go of the Lead

There are certain areas in life where I have this grandiose belief that I know more than or better than my spouse. The temptation to share my superior wisdom is great. Topics range from when to begin breaking for a stop sign to how to handle a sticky employee issue with the company he runs. […]