Staying Present

When I pay attention to the thoughts that ramble aimlessly in my mind, I often find myself dwelling in either the future or in the past. I must confess I’ve even caught myself thinking about something I need to add to the grocery list while snuggled in my spouse’s embrace.

One of the most destructive […]

The Gift of Listening

I sit across the table from my spouse in our favorite neighborhood restaurant. He has just returned from a five-day business trip, He chats about what he gained from the trip, the friends he visited with there, the goals he has for his business, and more. How freely he shares about his life and feelings.



My husband and I are driving to a social function where we don’t know many of the people who will be there. We’re both a tad bit nervous. I begin to pray a favorite prayer out loud. The prayer reminds us that we don’t need to worry about what to say or what to do […]


Hello dear readers. You may have wondered where I’ve been for the past a few months. I didn’t mean to abandon this website. I simply slid into an unplanned break. Bob had a cancerous portion of his esophagus removed in February. The surgery took eight hours and he was in intensive care for nine days. […]