First Things First

When I find myself faced with any kind of a choice in my marriage, I find that the slogan, “first things first” to be an important guidepost in taking right action. It tells me to set priorities in my use of time, energy, and money. It helps me sort things out. For example, my husband, […]

Grateful for Gratitude

“It’s hard to be annoyed with someone when you’re filled with gratitude for them.” ~ Marilyn ~

She used to get annoyed when he had the TV on too loud or a show on that she didn’t enjoy. He got annoyed when she left the light on at night to read.

This all […]


WAIT — Why Am I Talking?

WAIT — Why Am I Talking? When I recently heard this acronym, I thought of a time, a few years ago, when it would have served me well. Twice in one morning I said things that I deeply regretted. On the surface, the first one may have appeared as […]