Lighten Up

Looking back at some of the most painful times in my life, I realize that they were times when my spouse and I were most at odds with each other. As I examine these situations more closely and honestly, I notice that there was one common element that often ran through many of these painful […]


We once had a lovely water garden, complete with brightly colored Koi and goldfish, as well as water lilies, iris and other flora. It gave us much pleasure. On the other hand, it required a considerable amount of upkeep. It frequently developed a profusion of brilliant green algae, which was challenging to clean out.

I […]

Being Vulnerable

I hadn’t had a family party to celebrate my birthday in decades. My birthday falls very close to Thanksgiving. It is also the busiest time of the year for my husband’s business. My daughter and her family live over 700 miles away. So, while they give me gifts and I celebrate with various pockets of […]

Unsolicited Advise

One of the gifts of sharing a committed relationship is having someone to talk with — to share joys, concerns, feelings, and more. I particularly enjoy hearing about my spouses’s day when we’re together in the evenings. He often tells me about problems and successes he is experiencing at work.

Sometimes, in response, I find […]

Setting Goals

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. The Bible, Mathew 6:33

Goal setting has been an important part of our marriage. We once rented a room in a lodge for a weekend for the sole purpose of concentrating on mutual and individual […]